Client Success

Any work we do is for our clients. They pay us to be a world-class group of problem-solvers, and to make them look brilliant. Even if we dedicate time to internal projects and improvements, or Research & Development, the primary motivator is always to increase our ability to deliver for our clients.

We aim to help people, and we follow through. We do not make false promises and we never mislead. We promise quality, and we always deliver.

Every single member of the Untold team, no matter their role, has client success foremost in mind. We are all consultants and advocates for client success and exceptional technology.

Exceptional development

Our world-class project experiences are underpinned by world-class technology. We never settle for good enough and we never ship until a product meets our standards. We take immense pride in our work.

When not working on client projects, our team is energized by constant contribution to community projects and ideas. We are pioneers and we are hackers. Giving back to the communities that continue to help forge our love for technology and enable us to build exceptional experiences is paramount, as is our commitment to growing and helping to foster diversity in those communities. We strive to teach, to mentor, and to encourage budding technologists.



Our work should be fun. If we find ourselves under constant stress or pressure, then we need to re-evaluate our business model as soon as possible. Software is fun, challenging, and rewarding. If that ever stops being the case, then we need to pivot immediately.

Every client engagement should be treated as a partnership between experts. As we are experts in our field, and expect to be treated as such, our clients are the foremost experts in their business or organization. We can, and should, strive to help improve client processes and technologies, but must always remember that our experience will never outstrip our clients’. That said, it is our responsibility to work tirelessly to learn as much as we can about a client partner’s business or organization, so that our work can be maximally impactful.


Our business should reflect who we are as individuals. Trust, honesty, and passion should shine through in all our business decisions. We must never mislead potential partners, and we should always stand behind our commitments and our work. Untold intends to be the best, because – as individuals – we each strive to be our best selves.


…if you give a good idea to a mediocre team, they will screw it up. But give a mediocre idea to a great team, they will either fix it or come up with something better.

The team is what will make Untold a world-class agency and organization. No amount of process can ever make up for a bad team, or create an exceptional team. As such, everyone tasked with doing a job at Untold is granted assumed approval of the result of that job. We implicitly trust exceptional individuals to perform their jobs exceptionally.



Our stack will never be defined. No one tool will be the correct tool for every job. Because Untold intends to excel at every job, we must be prepared to evaluate every tool, if need be. As long as a team delivers a world-class solution, the tools used should be up to the discretion of the team.


Untold engineers should be constantly aware of the technological space they find themselves in, and keep up-to-date on all the best emerging tools and processes. They should never write off ideas or technologies, or scoff at hair-brained schemes. Because we intend to build exceptional, inspirational products, we must be constantly prepared to welcome and encourage brand-new – and potentially risky – ideas.